ZERO-G Introduces Platinum Service, Raises Price by $1,850

ZERO-G: Now with 40 percent more room at 37 percent higher prices. (PRNewsFoto/Zero Gravity Corporation, Al Powers)

ZERO-G will introduce a new Platinum service next week for its microgravity flights, which adds two extra parabolic loops and 40 percent more space for passengers to float around it. The new service also comes with a hefty price tag: $6,800 per person plus tax, a 37.37 percent increase from the $4,950 base rate charged for the standard package.

ZERO-G is taking its modified 727 aircraft, G-FORCE-ONE to Space Coast Regional Airport in Florida for flights on April 17 and 24. The first flight will offer the lower-priced package, with includes 15 weightless parabolas lasting about 30 seconds each. The second flight will feature the upgraded Platinum service. With Florida’s 6 percent sales tax, the flights will cost $5,247 and $7,208, respectively.

G-FORCE-ONE flights replicate the same levels of weightlessness enjoyed on Mars (1/3-gravity), the moon (1/6-gravity), and zero gravity. The company offers the only FAA-approved microgravity flights in the United States.

To reserve a seat, please email, call (888) 664-7284 or visit