Proposal: Use Space Shuttle Logistics Depot for Military Refurbishments

Space Coast economic leaders propose using Shuttle Logistics Depot for military refurb work
Orlando Sentinel

Space Coast economic leaders are asking NASA to allow a private company the indefinite use of a building full of high-tech equipment in the hope of saving hundreds of high-skill jobs when the space shuttle program ends.

But NASA still must be convinced.

The request involves the NASA Shuttle Logistics Depot in Cape Canaveral, a sprawling, 300,000-square-foot complex of specialty machine shops and labs that supports the space shuttle program. Whenever NASA has needed shuttle parts built or refurbished on the fly, the 300 NSLD engineers, technicians and machinists delivered….

On Monday, Space Florida President Frank DiBello and Dick Covey, president of shuttle contractor United Space Alliance, brought in local, state and federal officials to outline a proposal: NASA should leave the equipment in the depot — and allow Covey’s firm to use it to produce parts for everything from military jet fighters to machine guns.

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