India Hopes to Replicate Huntsville Space and Rocket Center

Huntsville_rocket_centerIndia wants a space center, too
The Huntsville Times

Huntsville’s U.S. Space & Rocket Center has shown legions of children and adults how space exploration can be used to improve life on Earth, and now India wants to duplicate that inspiration by building its own teaching museum, the nation’s chief diplomat said Monday.

“There are hundreds of students from India who come to this city to study and live and work, and we plan to start a similar center that would inspire those in our country who may not have the opportunity to make the journey to” Huntsville, said Meera Shankar, ambassador of India, during a visit to the Davidson Center for Space Exploration for an Alabama India Business Partnerships special dinner….

Cooperation is a must in space exploration because of costs and other challenges such as the number of skilled workers around the world, Shankar said.

In October 2008, India launched Chandrayaan-1, the nation’s first lunar probe sent to make detailed studies of the moon’s surface. Chandrayaan-1 carried with it two American instruments looking for minerals and water.

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