Star Trek Exhibit Coming to San Jose

For all my friends in the Bay Area, a special Star Trek exhibit is opening at the Tech Museum of Innovation on Friday. You’ll be able to sit in Captain Kirk’s chair and see all sorts of gadgets and memorabilia from 40 years of the series.

This exhibition will be spread across more than 15,000-square-feet and features all five television series and eleven films that span over 40 years.

STAR TREK: THE EXHIBITION – the world’s most comprehensive collection of authentic Star Trek objects – features over 200 artifacts including:

  • An authentic replica of the bridge from the U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701 as featured in the original Star Trek television series
  • Iconic gadgets from the Star Trek universe: a tricorder; a phaser, and a communicator – all from the original series. Devices that have inspired innovators of today.
  • The actual shooting model for the Borg Cube, as seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Voyager and in the movie Star Trek: First Contact
  • A chance to ride through a Star Trek adventure in a full-motion flight simulator (extra fee)

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