NASA Marshall Director Optimistic Despite Augustine Review


‘It looks good for us here’ at Marshall
Huntsville Times

Robert Lightfoot, Marshall Space Flight Center’s new director, told center employees Tuesday that Huntsville should be able to count on future NASA launch and science work.

“It looks good for us here,” Lightfoot told The Times Tuesday. “There are some concerns about the future, but decisions will be made soon. We all still have a job to do. We cannot forget that there are six space shuttle flights left, an Ares I test launch on schedule and science research we perform here.”

A White House-appointed review panel, led by former Lockheed Martin CEO Norman Augustine, is reviewing NASA’s plans for future exploration. The panel was scheduled to issue a draft report to President Barack Obama on Monday, but that date has been delayed until later this week.

The NASA review and the recent departures of Lightfoot’s predecessor and the Ares program manager mark a spring and summer of uncertainty for the space agency. There are rumors of a change or cancellation of the Ares programs and the possibility of extending the space shuttle.

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