Diamandis Keeps Pushing Back Barriers

Entrepreneur Peter Diamandis Foments Revolution through Competition
Voice of America

Peter Diamandis is the founder and guiding light behind the X PRIZE. His X PRIZE Foundation funds global competitions, offering money for breakthroughs in fields such as medicine, economic development, clean energy and space flight.

One might expect Diamandis to be the saintly humanitarian type, albeit someone with lots of drive. But he says the simple truth is that he is a stubborn and impatient man. “And I say if something isn’t happening, why not? Why can’t we solve issues around hunger or poverty, or why can’t the average person go into space?” he asks. “I believe we can envision a future and we can go make it happen.”

Born in New York in 1961, Diamandis was inspired by the derring-do of his Greek immigrant father, who ultimately became a successful doctor in Manhattan. Diamandis graduated from medical school himself, but was more excited about the possibilities of space exploration than he was in becoming a practicing physician.

“I grew up in the 60s expecting that NASA would continue its tremendous vision of opening up space,” he recalls. “I thought surely by now we’d be in Mars and exploring other planets. It didn’t happen. Yet my dreams of space flight were there, and very real.”

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