Oklahoma Spaceport Still Operational Just Without the “Space” Part

Rocketplane Global recently shuttered its office in Oklahoma - dealing a blow to the state's efforts to create a commercial spaceport.

Despite Rocketplane Woes, Oklahoma Spaceport Remains Operational
Oklahoma Gazette

“We’ve really been concentrating on the aerospace side,” said Bill Khourie, executive director of the Oklahoma Space Industrial Development Authority (OSIDA), which operates the Spaceport. “I made a presentation to Boeing Commercial Aircraft last year. They would like to have us on their list to test flights.”

Looking into flights that stay within the Earth’s atmosphere may have to be the route Khourie takes for keeping the Spaceport’s doors open….

“We’re really pursuing the unmanned aerial systems,” he said. “They are being heavily utilized by the Department of Defense, U.S. Forest Service, (U.S.) Border Patrol and others. But there has been reluctance from the FAA for these vehicles to fly unless it is in restricted air space. They are still of the opinion that potential for midair collisions needs refinement.We’re doing this in conjunction with (the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University).”

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