Lauer: Rocketplane Global Not Dead, Just Hibernating


Aerospace Company Says It’s Far from Finished in Oklahoma

“When you run out of money, you lay people off. That’s what we’ve done. A lay-off does not mean we’re dead, it means that we’re on hold,” said Lauer. “We’re in suspended animation until we get more money.”

Lauer blames the bad economy for what’s happened with Rocketplane, but said the company has plans to return to Oklahoma, despite what others think.

Just two week ago, the news was announced in Hawaii that state lawmakers there were in talks with Rocketplane over a proposed space tourism project.

That’s not what Oklahoma lawmakers wanted to hear, especially since the state has granted the company $18 million in tax credits, but Lauer said the plan has always been to have Rocketplane based in multiple locations.

“We never abandoned the plan to fly in Oklahoma. We will build vehicles in Oklahoma. We’ll have jobs in Oklahoma. We will fly from the Oklahoma spaceport”, said Lauer.

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