U.S.-Turkish Space Cooperation Potentially Fruitful

Over at Commercial Space Gateway, Richard Mains has some thoughts on current and future U.S.-Turkish cooperation in space:

Turkish-Americans from the U.S (and American-owned enterprises) and their science, technology and business counterparts in Turkey have opportunities to collaborate on the high-priority areas identified by “Vision 2023” and their commercialization.

I see the current CubeSat collaboration as a great model to grow further stimulated by the demonstrated strong interest of university students to do hands-on R&D and product development in both countries, and beyond. Fortunately, a cutting-edge Spacecamp Turkey facility is available in the city of Izmir that can introduce space science and technology to younger students and adults. Also, the “Gateway” concept could help facilitate these entrepreneurial endeavors since it was developed in part to support sci-tech-innovation business development and collaboration where the interaction of key stakeholders in government, industry, academia and the informed public is essential for making real progress.

This collaborative and innovative process, after all, is the lesson of Silicon Valley, but it can emerge anywhere under proper conditions, certainly including Turkey. It’s a process we all need to learn to do more efficiently and effectively to support the return of a vibrant and sustainable global economy. This applies equally to the emerging space commerce market.

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