Japan Moves Ahead With New Space Policy

Japanese astronauts in a microgravity flight.
Japanese astronauts in a microgravity flight.

The Yomiuri Shimbun has a short report on Japan’s efforts to develop a coherent national space policy, which was spurred on by the passing of the Basic Space Law last year:

A panel of experts reporting to the government’s space development policy team approved Monday a draft basic plan on space development, in which they call for a shift of focus from research to practical use.

The draft of the basic plan, the first to be devised since the Basic Law on Space took effect in August, also proposes the development of an early warning satellite system capable of detecting the firing of a missile, a proposal that comes in the wake of North Korea’s recent missile launch.

Good luck with that. America’s national space policy is not always coherent nor all that well implemented, for that matter. If you guys discover the secret to that, please let us know.