SFF NewSpace 2009 Conference Registration Open


The Space Frontier Foundation announced that conference and hotel registration for NewSpace 2009 is now open and available for space professionals and enthusiasts everywhere.

Held at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California, the conference will open on Friday, July 17, with a public screening of the documentary film Orphans of Apollo. Conference programming will run July 18 to 20, covering the exciting potential and business realities of NewSpace. The conference will close on Monday, July 20, by commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing.

Space Frontier Foundation Chairman Berin Szoka said, “Join us as we celebrate humanity’s first ‘small step’ on another world – not just by gazing backwards at Apollo, but by looking forward to the exciting potential of the NewSpace industry to make large-scale, permanent human presence in space economically sustainable. Our goal is settlement, not ‘flags and footprints,’ and the only way to make that happen is for entrepreneurs to build the value chain of a space economy piece by piece. This is the common theme behind the wide range of topics NewSpace 2009 will explore, including solar power satellites, space tourism and hotels, spaceports, extreme-space adventures, space elevators, and manufacturing facilities in-orbit, on the Moon and Mars.”

Foundation conferences are known for their fun, focus and dream-to-reality business dealings. In this brave new world of increased economic uncertainty, leaders, experts and space enthusiasts from all over the globe will gather to celebrate the promise of NewSpace to help build a brighter future. From unique panel discussions, edgy debates, featured speeches by industry leaders, to networking, receptions and hospitality suites, we will explore how the space industry can inspire, create new jobs, new business opportunities and a greener planet. If you believe that space is not just a government program but a place of infinite potential, join us this summer in California and take a stand.

Discounted early-bird registration for the conference is available at the NewSpace 2009 website, which also provides information about the group rate ($99/night – call code: newspace) at the Domain Hotel in nearby Sunnyvale, California.

For more information about the Foundation, conference and registration, visit www.spacefrontier.org/newspace2009 – or RSVP on Facebook today!