Space Fashionista Publishes First Space Tourism Book in Japan

Space fashionista Misuzu Onuki — organizer of a recent space fashion show in New York — has published what is being billed as the first book about NewSpace that has ever been published in Japan.

The 203-page book, titled “I Will Go to Space Next Week,” is a comprehensive round-up of commercial space activities being undertaken around the world. Topics include suborbital and orbital vacation options, marketing and branding opportunities, and commercial projects such as zero gravity manufacturing and commercial lunar development.

Onuki is an aerospace business consultant and Rocketplane Global’s director of Asian business development. She recently organized a space fashion event in New York in cooperation with Rocketplane. It was a competition in which the winner got the opportunity to design clothing for future space tourists.

So far, the book is only available in Japanese. Onuki — who is a director and Asia liaison for the Space Frontier Foundation — said there are no current plans to publish the book in English.