EADS Astrium Reaffirms Commitment to Spaceplane, Gives No Set Schedule

Astrium: we are committed to space jet
Flight International

EADS Astrium’s suborbital space jet has the company’s long term commitment and its technological development will be sustained according to the company’s deputy chief technical officer.

Following speculation that Astrium’s January decision to slow space jet’s development meant it was closing the project down, the company’s deputy chief technical officer Hugues Laporte-Weywada spoke exclusively to Flightglobal.com about the long term plan.

Without giving a timetable he pointed to business jet and rocket engine development both having seven-year concept to certification schedules.

The company has a €1 billion ($1.34 billion) price tag for space jet’s development. Laporte-Weywada explained that that included Astrium’s own estimate for certification because its leadership wanted a credible figure even if it seemed high.

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