Garriott to Headline Annual UK Space Conference

Space millionaut Richard Garriott – back from his trip to the International Space Station – will headline UK Space Conference 09, which will be held April 1-4 at Charterhouse School, near Godalming Surrey.

The UK Space Conference brings together members of the UK space community including: students, young professionals, academics, institutions, organisations and commercial ventures. They are able to take part in lectures, panel discussions, networking opportunities, a careers fair and other events.

Beyond the conventional speakers, debates and discussion sessions, the conference aims to include a wide range of activities, attracting a large population base and inspiring young people to take a greater interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The conference’s list of speakers includes:

  • John Zarnecki – Professor of Space Science Plenary
  • Chris Riley – Writer, broadcaster and film maker specialising in the history of science
  • George Abbey – Former Director of the Johnson Space Flight Center
  • Steve Owens – UK Coordinator International Year of Astronomy 2009 Plenary
  • Colin Pillinger – Planetary Scientist
  • David Williams – Director General of the British National Space Centre Plenary
  • Dr Lucy Rogers – Science writer, Astronomer It’s ONLY Rocket Science
  • Chas Bishop – Chief Executive of the National Space Centre
  • Claire Bretherton – Royal Greenwich Observatory Astronomy
  • Colin Hicks- EURISY, Former Director General of BNSC Industry
  • Damian Hall and Colin Rowe – The Rocket Men (Top Gear Shuttle)
  • David Southworth – ESA Director of Science and Robotic Exploration
  • Dr Colin Wilson
  • Dr D. Sims – Royal Gunpowder Mills
  • Dr. Constantine Tsang, University of Oxford Science
  • Dr. Helen Walker – Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Astronomy
  • Eric Brown, former Royal Navy officer and test pilot
  • Huw Dylan
  • Luca del Monte and Erwin Duhamel
  • Matthew Stuttard
  • Nick Hill – Author of Vertical Empire
  • Pat Norris – Apollo 11 – Pushing the Limits of Navigation
  • Philippa Mason, Hon. Gen Secretary of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society
  • Professor Andrew Coates – Assistant Director, Mullard Space Science Laboratory Science
  • Professor Barrie Jones, Emeritus Professor of Astronomy at the Open University Science
  • Professor FW Taylor – Halley Professor of Physics, University of Oxford
  • Professor Gillian Wright
  • Reg Turnill – Space Correspondent – Apollo 11: A Front Seat Perspective
  • Richard Moore
  • Tau Zero Foundation members Kelvin Long, Tibor Pacher, Claudio Maccone and guests Luca Derosa, Mike McCulloch
  • Wayne D Cocroft – English Heritage

More details are available on the group’s website.