Vanna Bonta – Space Sexologist

I’m sitting here watching an episode of “The Universe” on The History Channel and guess who pops up on the screen but novelist/poet/actress-turned-citizen-of-the-cosmos Vanna Bonta. She’s apparently working on a flight suit that will allow for easier sexual couplings in microgravity.

There’s a segment showing her and husband Allen Newcome testing their 2suit aboard Zero G’s parabolic aircraft. It seemed to work to some degree, but they don’t see to get down…or up….or whatever one calls it in microgravity. Or at least they don’t show anything. It’s definitely a PG-rated program.

This is a big step-up from the normal History Channel fare, which tends to focus on the vaguely dour prophesies of Nostradamus and the impending destruction of humanity….No, wait….Hold on a minute…Halfway into the program, they show a giant asteroid destroying the Earth. Apparently, this is why we need to perfect sex in space – because we’re all doomed if we stay here.

Dammit. They came close! They came so close! Just like Vanna and Allen.

  • WHTelescope

    They nailed it. Miles up show quality! Universe here we come. I watched it in HD again.

  • Nickolai_the_Russian_Guy

    I heard from a very reliable source (Wired’s article on Garriot’s training in Russia) that you can’t get it up in space. Something to do with reduced blood flow to the lower half of your body. They even said there was some top secret program about it; nothing helped, not even viagra. I’ll try to dig it up

  • Nickolai_the_Russian_Guy

    Found it:
    “…no matter how stressed anyone gets, they can’t even enjoy a little release by manipulating their own joystick: One of the effects of weightlessness is reduced blood flow to the lower half of your body. The rumor in Star City is that many have tried in vain to get it up out there. ‘There vas top-secret program of this,’ Driga says. ‘But the man could not perform. Viagra vill not help.'”

    Driga being “Marina Driga, a military captain and press liaison”

    Here’s a link to the full article; it’s a very good read;

  • whtsco

    That is a good read. If humanity survives long enough to get to the point where the species needs to procreate off-planet or in other gravities (considering no centrifugal g is provided) then the method of fertilization may be different. The show makes a good point about human psychological need for intimacy in other ways besides sex. In that respect Bonta’s design of a working flight suit that offers stabilization options is excellent.

  • The Wired story is really good – I’d recommend reading it all the way through.

    It’s funny how they quoted one trainer as saying he rather send up a chimpanzee than one of these millionauts. I can see their point, especially if you are a trainer with no chance of going up there yourself. It probably also sucks for cosmonauts and astronauts in training for years to find themselves bumped from a flight for Lord British. It might tend to rankle.