Obama Transition Update: Richardson Finalist to Lead State

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson – a leading force behind Spaceport America – is a finalist to become the new Secretary of State, according to numerous published reports. President-elect Barack Obama is also considering Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton for the position.

Meanwhile, transition teams are busy at work preparing for new leadership at NASA and the Department of Transportation, which includes the Federal Aviation Administration.

I haven’t found anything new on the transition at DOT, but I’ll let you know when I hear something.

Over at NASA, the leaders of the transition team include: former NASA AA Lori Garver, who once led the National Space Society; and former Dan Goldin flack Roderic Young. Alan Boyle has some thoughts about what they’re facing and where NASA might be heading over at Cosmic Log.

Meanwhile, current Administrator Mike Griffin is not optimistic about keeping his job. Although you’ll be happy to know that he thinks he’s doing a great job, if he doesn’t mind saying himself. Which he definitely doesn’t.

“We’re in a good policy direction right now,” he told employees at an all-hands meeting in Florida. “NASA, in my view, for the first time since (the) Nixon administration terminated Apollo, NASA is now doing the right things. We’re also doing things right, but we’re doing the right things.”

Griffin goes on for many more sentences, describing how he’d stay on if asked to (under his terms), NASA’s budget constraints, how he picked his team and……

Read it for yourself.

It may take some time before a new administrator is appointed and a clear direction emerges. I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated.