Dubai Oil Billionauts Get Even More Filthy Rich, Raring to Blow Measly 200 Grand on Spaceflight

Jet set for blast off…

“On track to becoming the world’s first commercial spaceline, [Virgin Galactic] is launching a consumer space travel program whose first flight is scheduled to take off in late 2009. And they have an office in the UAE.

“The reason is obvious. In 2007, the Middle East saw a 15 percent increase – the highest in the world – in the number of high net worth individuals, according to consulting firm Capgemini Group. In addition, global market turmoil does not traditionally quell the appetite of your typical Dubai luxury consumer. ‘Even as financial market turmoil made an impact on the United States during the second half of 2007, luxury goods makers, high-end services providers and auction houses all found ready clients in the emerging markets of the world,’ says Capgemini and Merrill Lynch’s 2008 World Wealth Report.”