Esther Dyson in Training as Backup for ISS Flight

Bambi Francisco of Vator News has an interview with Internet and commercial space investor Esther Dyson, who says she will soon start training as a backup for a Soyuz flight to the International Space Station.

“Was the Internet and high-tech sectors just getting boring? I asked.

“‘It’s not that the Internet is boring,’ she responded. ‘But to some extent the intellectual risk is gone.’

“Outer space is where the world’s attention is going to turn, she predicted. ‘This is the next place we need to go, other than the oceans. We can go to Mars and figure out how to manipulate a climate and take that knowledge back to earth. We can do asteroid mining for precious metals. We can do a lot of drug development in zero gravity. Just like the Internet, or just like going to America, you go to uncharted territory, and it’s amazing what new things you learn and new opportunities you discover.'”